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For start-Ups and very small employers we provide the key documentation and simple advice you need to get started.

Employment documentation

Written terms and conditions of employment and a few key policies are all you need to get started. Then as you grow we can support you develop your employment documentation.

We understand starting a new business is time consuming and that spending decisions and priorities are focused on getting the business up and running. However, it is easy to put off dealing with the employee records.

A the HR Specialists we provide the right advice and documentation at affordable prices. We provide business start-Ups with fixed price options which are designed specifically for start-Ups and small businesses which will grow as your business grows.

We can provide "off-the-shelf" generic documentation or we can tailor it to your specific needs. In our experience as senior HR professionals adapting the documentation to your specific needs assists your business and provides flexibility as it grows. We enable you to make the job manageable and cost-effective.

If you want to understand the importance of putting in place appropriate documentation, simple personnel records and processes from the start give us a call.


Contracts incorporating written terms and conditions of employment

Employee handbooks

Simple policies and procedures

Job descriptions



Basic advice and training

and much much more!

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